Jenny Ventura, a freelance makeup artist by way of Los Angeles. As a freelance makeup artist she has had the opportunity to work in various settings. From working with clients wanting to look fabulous for their weddings to actors/actresses. Jenny has ensured beauty in red carpet, the aesthetics in photography, music videos, TV-shows, and film; with a specialization in fashion and editorial photography. 

Selected Clients: 

Beats by Dre, Gymshark, Fab Fit Fun, Shy Creation, Coach x Yeti, Sony, Anne Sisteron Luxury, EVNL, Daphney Collection, ECOALF, Biotonique, Kayo, Lilli Clapse

Selected Publications:
Elle Vietnam, Harper's Bazaar Vietnam, Galore, Ladygunn, Vogue Spain, CosmoGirl Mexico, Seventeen Mexico, Marie Claire, Issue Magazine, Factice, Nylon Guys, Elle, L'Officiel, Tmrw Mag, Allure, Life & Style

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