Jenny Ventura is a freelance makeup artist by way of Los Angeles. As a freelance makeup artist she has had the opportunity to work in various settings. From working with clients wanting to look fabulous for their weddings to actors/actresses. Jenny has ensured beauty in weddings, the aesthetics in photography, music videos, TV-shows, and film; with a specialization in fashion and editorial photography. 

Jenny's love for makeup began while she was in college. During her college education, she would style and do her friends' makeup for special events. After each session she noticed the immediate boost of confidence her friends would experience. It was during this time that Jenny recognized the impact that makeup can have on women. Upon reflecting, she also realized that popular culture has led to a misconception of beauty. For Jenny, this misconception hinders people - of all ages and backgrounds - from accepting the beauty that they possess. This drove her to refine her craft in order to begin promoting the beauty that we all possess. 

At My Beauty Mark Makeup Academy, Jenny learned new techniques and gained recognition in school wide competitions. In addition, she learned about special effects and fantasy makeup. Working with special effects and fantasy makeup led her to explore different avenues of creativity and embrace the diversity of beauty. Jenny beautifies people to enhance their beauty and allow them to recognize the beauty that they already possess. Simply, Jenny wants each individual to redefine the cultural misconception of beauty and be the definition of beautiful. 

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